A teacher and her three young students hugging and dressed up for the holidays

Brightmoor Childcare Quality Initiative

Brightmoor Childcare Quality Initiative (BQI) is dedicated to enhancing childcare quality in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood.

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Improving early childcare

Through our application process, we seek to understand the needs and aspirations of early childcare businesses. We aim to enrich programs through professional development, social-emotional supports and scholarships to ensure children and families achieve kindergarten readiness. Join us in elevating childcare excellence in Brightmoor!

Our goal is the overall improvement of early childcare program’s quality.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants can be rated through the states quality rating information system (QRIS) or not when applying however; if not rated there would need to be a commitment to participate as part of this process.
  • Applicant programs can only be privately owned program (home, group and center).
  • Applicants cannot be 100% Head Start or 100% GSRP funded. Programs are able to leverage those funding sources.
  • The goal is provide high quality for families accessing state subsidy or those who cannot afford to pay, while helping sustain the private childcare slots.