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Affordable Housing

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A leader in affordable housing

We are the leading developer of multifamily housing in southwest Detroit. Our units are managed by an experienced and bilingual team of certified specialists familiar with all aspects of property management, compliance, reporting, and resident services. Our team is committed to improving the quality of life of all our tenants.

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MiSide is revitalizing southwest Detroit neighborhoods by rehabilitating hundreds of affordable and supportive housing units and building new developments. We help those who are often least able to help themselves. We understand that providing safe and decent housing is the first priority in improving the lives of individuals struggling with mental, economic and other hardships. Our expertise in property management services is rooted in our commitment to those we serve and our community. That is why we enjoy an outstanding level of satisfaction from tenants and all our partners.

Ask us about putting our expertise to work for you in an arrangement where residents and property owners work cooperatively toward a better community.

  • We can provide an affordable, safe and quality apartment for yourself or your family in a beautifully restored and well-maintained building.
  • We can help if you own commercial or multi-family property, but do not have the resources to manage it or prefer to focus on your core business.
  • We can help if you want to develop affordable or market-rate housing, but do not have the expertise or resources to facilitate your investment.
  • We can provide experts to ensure compliance with all housing laws and regulations and specific government programs.
  • We can provide financial reporting, analysis and asset management review of your property portfolio.

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