Integrated Health Services

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Healthcare Services

Integrated Health Services provides integrated primary and behavioral healthcare services by an integrated team in partnership with Covenant Community Care. The team addresses multiple chronic healthcare conditions at the same time, some of which are psychiatric and some of which are medical care needs.


In partnership with Covenant Community Care, the Integrated Health Services program is offered at both our Waterman Outpatient Clinic and 5716 Wellness. Referrals to the program happen both ways: Our mental health staff refer individuals with medical needs to Covenant; and Covenant refers patients with mental health needs to our counselors.

The goals of Integrated Health Services are:

  • To provide a holistic approach to the health needs of mental health consumers by working with medical doctors
  • To identify and treat or refer previously undiagnosed patients presenting with mental illness
  • To provide solution-focused treatment to help with stress, panic attacks, headaches, smoking, palpitation, and sleep issues
  • To integrate the cognitive approach to chronic disease management at the same time with the medical appointment
  • To link healthcare consumers with community resources to help them deal with the situations, like unemployment, foreclosure, lack of food, and other problems

To obtain a copy of the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) Member Handbook and the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) Provider Directory, follow this link. This information can be found under Member Resources or under Customer Service Resources.


Integrated Health Services is succeeding in helping patients to improve their overall health.

Patients require less emergency and hospital care, and the duration of both their illness and their medical treatments is shortened.

Physician’s mental health screenings alert medical staff to underlying emotional and behavioral issues that patients may be experiencing. Medical patients are generally willing to participate in the screenings and the follow up counseling appointments. 


of our Integrated Health consumers report progress on their personal goals. Almost all of those served say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the services they are receiving.


of the consumers in the program make meaningful psychiatric changes and their blood pressure readings show significant improvement.

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