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Welcome to MiSide, a Community Impact Network dedicated to providing expert support and guidance with every side of life. One trusted full-service partner people of all ages and backgrounds can go to for help with everything from early childhood development to mental health and wellness to employment and wealth management even finding a place to call home.  There’s always an upside to working together, especially when you’re working with the best to make the world a better place for everyone. Get ready to see it first hand with MiSide.

Our Mission

To ensure that children, individuals, families, and communities have access to great healthcare, quality education, a comfortable home, and the money they need to build a life they desire.

Our Vision

 To provide people of all ages in Wayne County with the support they need to succeed and prosper in life, so they can feel empowered to follow their dreams and give back to their communities.

Our Values

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Everyone deserves happiness. We do our best to make sure everyone, regardless of age or background, has access to the tools and support they need to chase it.

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The status quo must go. We’re constantly measuring our impact, evaluating our work, and looking for new opportunities to improve ourselves, our care, and our communities.

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We pride ourselves on being good neighbors who make connections, create opportunities, and support our communities in every way we can to deliver a sense of hope and belonging that helps our neighbors believe in themselves.


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We believe in the power of teamwork. Working together and engaging with our communities is how we understand the challenges we’re facing and develop solutions that work for everyone.


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What we do is hard. And it couldn’t be more important. Our clients need us and we’ll never quit on them.

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We are the port in the storm. We meet our clients where they are, invite them to participate, and do what we can to comfort and support them, especially in tough times.

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MiSide History

In 2023, Southwest Solutions and Development Centers, two Detroit nonprofits committed to improving the lives of individuals and families, have merged to form MiSide.

MiSide, a community impact network, serves nearly 25,000 clients across Detroit and Wayne County, ensuring that children, individuals, families, and communities have access to great healthcare, quality education, a comfortable home and the money they need to build a life they desire.

MiSide intends to address this trend by providing a more personal level of care that helps with every side of life and is unique to the needs of each community it serves through its four pillars of service:

MiHealth – integrated behavioral and physical health services for children and adultsMiWealth – employment and education services for adults and youthMiHousing – affordable housing for families and individualsMiEarlyYears – early childhood education and family services.

The services offered by MiSide are the same as previously provided by Southwest Solutions and Development Centers. MiSide will continue to provide veteran services through its permanent supportive housing community, Piquette Square, and initiatives like the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) and Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF).

MiSide has expanded access to programs like its Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, which provides treatment to clients experiencing mild to moderate symptoms and the Head Start and Early Childhood programs.

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Development Centers' History

Development Centers was incorporated in 1983 as a 501c3 nonprofit from the result of a merger between two long-standing agencies: The Children’s Orthogenic Center and Phoenix Place. As such, we have a combined history of providing behavioral health services to children and adults in Northwest Detroit that extends back to the mid 1940s.

At the time of the change in name, Development Centers had a staff of 24 and served 700 clients annually through its three pillars.

Over the years, as the growing number of individuals and families requesting services has increased, and as the diverse needs of our community continuously evolve, Development Centers has always responded to meet those needs.

For 40 years, Development Centers’ services have focused on helping adults and children in and around Detroit improve their lives, when facing challenging circumstances, as a trusted partner in the community. Development Centers believes everyone deserves access to opportunity.

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Southwest Solutions History

Southwest Solutions began its work as a mental health agency, providing psychiatric counseling and medication to help the mentally ill live in the community. John Van Camp, who started as an administrative assistant, became the head of the organization in 1981. He believed in expanding the vision of Southwest Solutions to reintegrate the mentally ill and homeless into the community by providing affordable housing, support services, and participating in neighborhood revitalization and economic development. His broad vision delineated the future of the organization.

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Building Our Community

We're dedicated to empowering the community of Detroit with a variety of initiatives to achieve this goal.

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Celebration of Impact

This is our opportunity to share the impact of our efforts and recognize all the individuals who were involved in making a difference in our communities.

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Back to School Bash 2024

Join us for fun before school! We will be giving away school supplies and will have games, bounce houses and more.