an art teacher helping her young students learn to draw

Infant Mental Health

an art teacher helping her young students learn to draw

Infant Mental Health

A child’s earliest relationships and care provide the foundation for healthy growth and development. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing family-centered services that nurture, strengthen and empower caregivers, promote positive attachment relationships, and encourage the development of young children to their highest potential.


  • Interventions in the child’s home, in the office and/or at school
  • Relationship-based therapy
  • Play-based therapy 
  • Strengths-based approach
  • Trauma-informed services
  • Tracking your child’s development
  • Working with a trained professional who understands the development and behaviors of young children and the importance of parent-child relationships

Eligibility Requirements

Children birth through six years old

Wayne County residents

We accept Medicaid and some private insurances, please call to inquire

How We Can Help:

  • Support in developing a positive, nurturing relationship with your child
  • Talking about and learning about your child’s growth and development
  • Learning coping skills related to your child’s crying, sleeping, eating, school, and/ or transition difficulties
  • Understanding infant, toddler and preschool needs and behaviors
  • Support in stressful life situations that impact parenting
  • Talking about and building your support system
  • Talking about your experience with depression, stress and difficulty coping  with a new baby

For more information about MiEarlyYears clinical services, please contact: 

Access Department: 313-531-2500