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three women smiling and loading branches into a yard bag at Neighborhood Beautification Day 2024

Neighborhood Beautification Day 2024

On Saturday, June 8th, 2024, over 100 people spent their morning beautifying a pocket park in the Brightmoor neighborhood. 

This year’s annual Neighborhood Beautification Day was a huge success. The focus of this year was Butterfly Park, a small corner of the city where families used to gather, and children used to play.

Over the last few years, the park had gone into disrepair. The benches broken, the weeds overgrown, the trees dying. The park needed some TLC. 

Volunteers showed up ready to bring this park back to life, and they certainly did. New benches and picnic tables were built, the dead trees removed, all of the weeds pulled out. 

The park was covered in fresh mulch and beautiful flowers were planted. 

Dawn Wilson-Clark, the owner of the community center right next door, was in attendance and she was so excited to see so many people working together to bring the park back to its former glory. 

Neighbors in Brightmoor came over to check out the progress in the park. Everyone was thrilled to see all of the changes being made. 

MiSide staff showed up in full force! This year, the winner of our competition was MiHousing. 

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who spent their Saturday morning working hard to make this park beautiful again. 

We are so excited to see what we can accomplish together next year!


Neighborhood Beautification Day 2024